Bob Wolf Creations L.C. Artist Hand-Cut Stone Jewelry

I am a jewelry artist located in New Braunfels, Texas. All of my jewelry is cut from raw rough rock and wrapped in precious wire. The most common question people ask is, 'How I cut the rock'. Here is how it is done:

Most rock is extremely hard, but varies in hardness. This difference in hardness allows 'harder rock' to cut 'softer rock'. Since the hardest rock known is diamond, every cutting tool I use has small amounts of industrial diamond powder on it.

First large pieces of rock are located that would be suitable for cutting. I obtain the rough rock on rock hunting trips to Colorado, from mines around the world, or from other rock collectors. I often purchase the rock directly from the miner. Only certain rough rocks polish well and have good color. One of the most difficult tasks is selecting the 'right' material to cut.

Once selected, I decide which way to orient the rock for cutting. The rock 'whispers' how it wants to be cut. The rock has had millions of years to think about this!

After listening, the rock is cut into a slab using the machine pictured above. The slab is my 'painters canvas'. I look at the slab and determine which part has the most interesting colors and patterns to make into a pendent.

The stone is then trimmed and shaped by hand against grinders. The stone is polished to a mirror finish. I can tell you that 99.9% of all the pendants on this webpage look better in real life than in the photo. The camera never, ever captures the deep colors and bright luster of the stone.

After polishing, the stone is hand wrapped. I only use sterling silver wire and 14k rolled gold wire. Both will last a lifetime of wear.

Every stone I cut is fully guaranteed and is as unique as the person wearing it!

Robert Wolf
Stone Artist